Improvised herb drying rack with solar panels

Drying rack (dryer) is comprised of 6 pull-out shelves with mesh, which helps the movement of warm air from the solar collector to the top of the dryer. At the top there are adjustable air vents for air to come out. Front window is fitted with black shutters, so the drying herbs are protected from direct sunlight. The rack is on wheels, so you can always turn it to the sun. Total drying area is about 2 square meters, but it can easily be increased almost twice.

Shelving meshes consist of two types of grids - metal base to ensure strength, and plastic on top which stays cool and drying plants do not stick to it. On a sunny day inside temperature reaches 40-45C, which is enough to naturally dry most of berries, mushrooms, fruits, and any herbs in 1-3 days.

Drying rack (dryer)
Inner view of drying rack

Tibetan Milk Mushroom

Tibetan milk mushroom is one of the natural miracles and a secret to medicine. At present it is popular all around the world for having both delicious taste and healing properties. We are happy to be able to offer it to you as well, so do not hesitate to purchase it as a natural dietary supplement.

Milk mushroom strengthens the immune system, increases body tone, helps get rid of stomach problems, detoxifies, helps prevent inflammation, slows down atherosclerosis, improves digestion and metabolism, reduces the level of cholesterol, and helps reduce weight. You can find more about the performance of milk mushroom if you read additional literature.

Milk mushroom is a live organism and that is why you have to take care of it. The mushroom should be washed everyday with cold water after you separate it from the sour milk which is for drinking. Once you finish washing, you should pour fresh milk on top of the clean parts of mushroom. Try to wash it gently in order for the white mushroom parts to stay linked together and not be damaged. Normally the milk becomes sour after 17-20 hours. It is best to drink it half an hour before sleep, and your portion should be around a half or whole glass.

If you do not wash the mushroom everyday and do not change the milk, it will turn brown and will stop reproduction. It will also lose its healing properties and finally it will die. A healthy mushroom has got bright white colour and resembles cottage cheese. If, for some reason, you did not wash the mushroom for 2 or 3 days, separate the sour milk first (do not drink it) and pour over the washed mushroom a new portion of milk. If you want to take a break you can always wash the mushroom first and then put it aside in the freezer. Later, when you have time again to start using it you can easily thaw it and continue drinking it as it will still have its properties.

Tibetan Milk Mushroom
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