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I was born and raised in Vilnius. I graduated with a degree in Economics from Vilnius University, got married and raised my two children here as well. During my professional career I always dreamed of doing something pleasant and meaningful. I wanted to create and achieve more.

I was always in love with nature and people. I was keen on herbal medicine. I also read many books in that field and studied different catalogues about plants. This inspired me to communicate with different magazines which write about nature. I remember having an interest in herbs when I was little. When I lived in Antakalnis, I would always pick plants on the shores of the Neris. At that time it was like a big village inside of the city. There were many meadows and few cars around. Later on, when my parents bought a small piece of land outside the city we started growing different herbs there together with all other popular vegetables.

Already back 10 years ago we bought land in Moletai region (around 70 km from Vilnius) I understood that sooner or later I would devote myself to gathering Lithuanian herbs and preparing teas from them. All people should drink tea made of natural and organic plants which contain no chemicals. Moreover, they are extremely tasty, healthy and fragrant. I did not doubt for a moment and started creating different mixtures out of un-chopped herbs. By chosing un-chopped herbal teas you can decide which herbs to drop into your own tea pot which makes the tea ceremony even more exciting. That is how this whole idea was born.

My family was very supportive. That is why I decided to quit my job and devote all my time and energy to my new activity. I started living in the countryside and actually dove into the world of herbs. Every year I start the main work in the early spring, and the busy period continues till late autumn. I work in my own plant beds as well as go into the forests and pick herbs there. Later I start drying them under natural conditions. The dried herbs are later packed into boxes. I have already got used to the new rhythm of my own life, and now we all know that it is dictated by nature. I am extremely grateful to my family for their support and all the help. Every single good word about my work drives me to look forward, develop and work hard. I am really happy when every tea mixture travels to your home, spreads its aroma in your tea pot and reminds you of meadows and forests.

Be healthy! Zita Mikoliūnienė
Glad to meet you!
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