Frequently Asked Questions

1. Your teas are un-chopped. How are they different from the chopped ones?

First of all, you can clearly see what herbs the mix is formed of. You can also evaluate the quality of the herbs as well as easily combine the mixture for your tea cup by choosing different quantities of different herbs. Un-chopped herbs need more time before they spread their aroma and release their active substances. Therefore you should brew your tea a little longer than usual. Moreover, you can re-brew it for a second drink. Otherwise, un-chopped herbs have the same advantages as all chopped herbs.

2. Can your teas cure various illnesses?

To begin with, our teas are for the pleasure of everyday tea-drinking, and they are not produced to treat or fight diseases. When mixing the herbs we strive to make each tea delicious. Each herb has its own impact on the human body. That is why we mix them carefully in order to complement one another and give best results. If you continuously use herbal teas you will experience a mild and preventative effect, for example calming, toning, immunity-strengthening, anti-bleeding, etc. However, if you are ill you should consult your doctor first, who will advise you on treatment.

3. What is the difference between using single herbs and herb mixtures?

If you prepare your tea using only one type of herb you will feel a stronger effect from it. It will be both stronger in taste and its performance. However, not all herbs have a pleasant taste, and that is why we recommend mixing them with other herbs famous for their delicious tastes, as it improves the taste of your tea and you enjoy drinking it.

4. How long/often should I use one type of tea?

If you want to achieve a curative effect by using one or another herbal tea, please consult your doctor first. You can drink our teas without any limitations, though we do not advise drinking one type of herb more than 2 times per day longer than 3 to 4 weeks.

5. Can side effects be dangerous?

If you drink teas in moderation you cannot experience any negative side effects. However, if you plan to use a mixture regularly for more than two weeks, you should evaluate your body condition first. For example, some herbs may increase blood pressure or acidity level. Pregnant women should avoid drinking nettle, raspberry leaves, thyme, jonswort teas, etc.
You should not choose a calming tea in the morning or an energising tea in the evening. In addition, you should know if you are sensitive to any of the herbs in order to avoid an allergic reaction.
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